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About Us

We are a team of online gambling experts aimed at making sure that you get the best online gambling experience ever. We share a common vision of what a decent gambling platform of today must look like, and we are doing our best to ensure you choose that most accessible, funniest, and safest of them.

What We Do?

We could have written a long story here, telling you about how scrupulous we are in every step that we take in order to make sure that you play only on the best online gambling platforms. Yet, the answer to the question in the subheading is quite simple: we surf the net for the best online casino deals, we test them, making sure that none of the points mentioned is a hoax, and then we write our review about each aspect of the scrutinized online casino. Those are the first-hand reviews that we craft for the sake of making the world of online gambling more fair, transparent, and customer-oriented.

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Our Values

Our operational activities are driven by a set of seven core values, which we find instrumental in our work.


We believe that any kind of relationship is based on trust. When it comes to provider-customer relations, the value of this element is being amplified even more. We do our work in a way that sows the feeling of trust in anyone willing to visit our website.


Doing reviews is impossible when being affected by those whom you review. Therefore, we stay astray from any online casinos and have no affiliation with them thereof. Our independence lets us stay objective and true to our users at all times.


While this is a universal value cherished by all the companies willing to keep their customers loyal, we are no exception to the commonly-accepted rule. Quality comes first in everything that we do, regardless of what, when, and how it is done.

Fair Play

We detest the companies that are willing to deceive their customers. This is why we are here to bring them to the light of public knowledge, as everyone deserves to be treated equally and fairly.


Information should be available to everyone. Hence, we deliver it in a clear-cut way that makes it is to understand and analyze.


We feel the ultimate commitment to deliver only reliable information to our clients, thus making sure that you have access to verified data.


We are a team working on the project, and we do it with both speed and vigor. We know that you don’t have time to wait for another review to be published, so we push ourselves to the limit to deliver the information you need efficiently.

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Our Mission

Living in a world that is oversaturated with the business competition, we know that companies are often prompted into behaving in an immoral fashion, trying to lure more and more customers. Online casinos are not an exception to the rule. Thus, being an independent third-party reviewer, we aim at providing current, accurate, and independent information about online casinos worldwide, as well as offering players the opportunity to resolve their issues transparently. We are here to push boundaries and inspire the entire industry to honor players, work for them, and deliver the best services possible. No player is taken for granted! This is the motto that inspires us to be the ones who shed light of the truth upon the online gambling industry.