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Specific Terms

CasinoNevada10 is a site operated by CasinoNevada10.com, whereas the company is registered in the United States.

While visiting the website, you adhere to the following terms and conditions. To enhance your experience of using our platform, take a closer look at the terms and conditions and privacy policy. Please note that all terms and conditions, as well as provisions of the privacy policy, can be changed at any time. We will do our best to notify you about those changes by using pop-up notifications.

Our Terms

Please mind that “we,” “our,” and “us” terms refer to the administration of CasinoNevada10. Similarly, “you” is the term used to refer to users.


All the content published on the platform is owned and operated by our team. It is prohibited to copy, adjust, or steal the copyrighted information unless you are willing to be punished by the respective law system.


CasinoNevada10 is an independent casino aggregator that does not work with complaints. If you have issues with any gambling website or a particular bonus offer, please contact corresponding customer service.

Accuracy of Bonuses

No party takes legal responsibility for the accuracy, performance, completeness, and suitability of any of the promotional material posted on CasinoNevada10. All published information on the platform is subject to personal opinion and subjectivity.

For the same reason, we aim for objectivity in all information posted on the platform. Please note that keeping a critical eye on all promotions published on CasinoNevada10. Also, do not forget to read the terms and conditions on casino websites to get a better understanding of a particular promo.

Viruses and Malware

CasinoNevada10 cannot guarantee that a platform is completely free of bugs, viruses, and malware. While using a platform or accessing any content, be sure to use specialized protection software. You cannot misuse the website’s functionality to plant viruses or any other materials. If you attempt to do so, a respective legal action might be taken from the side of CasinoNevada10.

Linking to CasinoNevada10

It is possible to link to a website, but only if it is implemented legally and fairly. We still reserve the right to withdraw any links at any time if the information is inaccurate or such that damages the reputation of a platform.

External Linking

Because of the main purpose of this platform, users will see dozens of external links. Being an independent casino aggregator, CasinoNevada10 does not control or take responsibility for those linking content. Even though these links can be placed directly in the content of CasinoNevada10, we do not take any responsibility for what is displayed in those URLs. Please keep in mind that CasinoNevada10 cannot modify or change the content or any information on external links displayed on our platform.

Applicable Law in case of Legal Disputes

If any legal dispute arises, bear in mind that any legal case will be governed by the United States law.

Live Chat Rules

By using the CasinoNevada10 Live Chat facility, you adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  • You are prohibited from posting any content, which can be regarded as abusive, hateful, vulgar, sexually-oriented, obscene, harassing, profane, or discriminatory. The same goes for any material that violates any of the provisions of the International law.
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  • You are expected not to promote or advertise any competitors, external services, or other products or services that relate to other online platforms or entities.
  • You should not use the available Live Chat facility to post your complaint or any related matter. Bear in mind that a respective facility exists to discuss these matters.
  • You should pay attention to the format and content of your posts and requests. CasinoNevada10 will not require you to post 100% grammatically and stylistically correct requests. Still, be careful to use some basic punctuation and spelling rules to make your request be readable for our staff.
  • Failure to comply with any of the indicated below rules might result in an immediate suspension or a temporary ban on your account. A respective commission will consider and assess the scale of your violation, and hence take all reasonable steps and